What Is Hosting For A Website?

Website hosting is a service which enables individuals and companies to post a web page or website onto the web.

By the term “web host” we refer to a business providing the services and technologies required for the webpage or website to be viewed on the web.

Special computers known as servers are used for storing or hosting websites.

While viewing your website the Internet users need to type your domain or website address into their personal browser. Following this, their computer will be connecting to your server and this will deliver all your webpages to them by means of the browser.

Additional features you may get from a hosting provider

1. Email Accounts 

The majority of the hosting providers require that the users must have their personal domain name. It will be possible to create domain email accounts with the help of a domain name as well as email account features which are provided by the hosting company.

2. WordPress Support 

WordPress is an online website development tool. Being a robust website content management and blogging system, it helps to create as well as manage a website.

In excess of 30% of the sites on the web are powered by WordPress at present.

You will be informed by the majority of the hosting providers regarding whether their plans are compatible with WordPress or not. For hosting your WordPress site, MySQL version 5.6 or higher and PHP version 7 or higher will be required.

3. FTP Access 

You will be able to upload files to your webserver from the local computer by using FTP. It will be feasible to transfer files to the webserver from your computer by means of FTP in case your website is built using your personal HTML files, and in this way, your site can be accessed through the web.

In case you make the decision of creating and posting your website with a website builder, you will be able to obtain email addresses, a custom domain, as well as web-hosting bundled into a single subscription apart from having access to drag and drop website builder.

Making use of a website builder will enable you to drag and drop the content for creating your site, and you can publish your website with several clicks only.

For this, there is no need to have any technical experience. Most of the website builders will not require you to build your site with coding, and there is no need for files to be transferred to the server from your computer through FTP.

How a web hosting service can benefit my online company?

A web hosting service will be required by your business website for publishing your website.

Nevertheless, a web host will provide business owners with much more than simply web hosting services.

For instance, in-house technicians are usually used by web hosting companies for ensuring that the websites of their clients are up and running around-the-clock.

Moreover, the in-house support of the web host will be the go-to people once website owners require assistance for troubleshooting.

A trouble-free experience will be guaranteed by a competent web hosting service for the business owners such that they will be able to concentrate more on their businesses.

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