Remember when everyone was going on about artificial intelligence?

You might not know it but the growing tide of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly present in all industries – from biotechnology to building smart homes – and of course, in marketing.

Machine learning is improving rapidly and it’s able to predict customer’s behaviours and reactions, based on a series of parameters.

Companies have more customer data than ever, using artificial intelligence to get the most out of it, and provide each customer with personal experiences.

Here are just some of the examples.

Amazon is a perfect example of a website that uses artificial intelligence to recommend products to its customers, but other webshops are starting to use this technique too.

In the long run, businesses that don’t adapt to new technologies will lose. When you want to buy something from an online retailer, you’ll see recommendations. That’s artificial intelligence in action – each recommendation is very personal, and it’s based on your previous purchases, the way you rated products and even what people with similar characteristics to you are doing.

Let’s say you’re purchasing from an online cosmetics store. You buy a large bottle of your favorite shampoo every two months. But this time you’ve forgotten to put one in your cart. The website will remind you and you’ll be delighted because you’ll feel as if they really care about you. That’s the way to build trust and create lasting relationships with customers (as well as making them part with their money).

Another great example of using artificial intelligence in marketing is one of the most popular streaming services. We’re talking about Netflix.

Not only do they offer personalized recommendations based on various parameters (shows that you’ve binged, shows that you’ve watched multiple times), but they’ve also gone one step beyond. The cover for each new show that you see on their home page is customized just for you.

It means that if you love romance, they’ll put a romantic picture taken from the movie. On the other hand, if some of your friends love comedies, they’ll see the recommendation for the same movie but this time a cover will be a picture from the most hilarious scene in the movie.

There are multiple ways to use artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing. The most important thing is to always have your customer in mind, and use them in a resourceful way, to create a personalized experience of interacting with your brand.

This idea hasn’t changed over the past 10 years. But the technology has… and will. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

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