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Ah, summer. A time of relaxation. A time of celebration. A time for family. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with that. But remember, there’s still work to do. There are still customers to serve. There is still a world to change. Here’s an article per day to teach you and inspire you to that end…

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“Business in theory is completely different than dealing with actual human beings in real life. And in real time. Real politics. Actually getting your hands dirty, doing the work is different than reading or fantasizing about what it could be like. It’s going to break your heart. But it’s also going to make you better at understanding just what that person standing in front of you is going through. Because you’ve been there.” – Cara Celli

Today’s Recommended Reading: Analyze Your Divot; Increase Your Sales by Kelley Robertson


July 1SundayKelley RobertsonAnalyze Your Divot; Increase Your Sales
July 2MondayMiki StrongIt’s in the Details
July 3TuesdayEmelia Sam12 Most Surefire Ways to Lose an Argument
July 4WednesdayCharles Green12 Most Table-Turning Ways to Deal with Passive-Aggressive People
July 5ThursdayAmy TobinYou Can’t Sell Anything UNLESS…
July 6FridayDanny Brown52 Cool Facts about Social Media
July 7SaturdayBabette Ten Haken5 Reasons Why Project Managers Need to Become More than Project Managers
July 8SundayPamela Vaughan8 Ways to Evaluate if that New Social Network is Worth Your Company’s Time
July 9MondayLori RichardsonReferrals from Lost Deals
July 10TuesdayDan WaldschmidtIt’s Always Your Fault
July 11WednesdayDon Perkins12 Most Conspicuously Absent Things Customers Are Missing from Salespeople
July 12ThursdayChris BroganA Primer for Blogging
July 13FridayJeff Bullas12 Keys to Success on Twitter
July 14SaturdayAnthony IannarinoWhat Would Your Client’s World Look Like Without You
July 15SundayShawn MurphyAre You Driving Your Talent to Leave?
July 16MondayJason Yormark5 Reasons I Think Facebook is on the Decline
July 17TuesdayMichael Sebastian9 Hard-Earned Business and Life Lessons
July 18WednesdayMarcus Sheridan4 Ways to Create Content That Sells
July 19ThursdayMolly Cantrell-KraigThe 7 Benefits of Being Small
July 20FridayJohn Jantsch5 Questions Every Business Owner Should Answer Before They Try to Grow Their Business
July 21SaturdayGregory Pouy7 Social Media Lies the Gurus Want You to Swallow
July 22SundayBrian VickeryPresentations: Are You a Storyteller?
July 23MondayBecky Gaylord12 Most Egregious Sales Mistakes
July 24TuesdayDino DoganWhat You Don’t Know About Google Plus Can Hurt You
July 25WednesdayCara CelliThe Business of Empathy
July 26ThursdayMichael Hyatt10 Strategies for Getting a Faster Response to Your Email
July 27FridayPam Moore28 Attributes of Good Content Marketing to Rock Your Social Business
July 28SaturdayBabette Ten Haken5 Strategies for Becoming a Sales Expert
July 29SundayAnthony IannarinoGive Your Clients Something to Talk About
July 30MondayKate NasserLeaders, Best 4 Steps to Engage Employee’s Initiative
July 31TuesdayDave BrockWell, It Worked. Didn’t it?

Showing 1 to 31 of 31 entries. The best small business articles from June 2012 to be read in July 2012.

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