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it isn’t mine.

I’ve been navigating the endless waters of the blogosphere for a few years now. I’ve read thousands of insightful and entertaining articles on everything from business strategy to digital media marketing to personal development to cats. I’ve been introduced to hundreds of profound writers who consistently produce great content in a variety of subjects.

If you’re new to reading on the web, though, it can be tricky finding quality stuff on which to spend your precious time. I’ll make it easy for you. If you only have time in your schedule to faithfully read one blog, I highly recommend The 12 Most.


Well, the site itself explains it better than I do with “The 12 Most Compelling Reasons to Visit 12 Most.com.” But, in a nutshell, The 12 Most is a blog with each post containing a list of 12 items formatted as “12 Most…” and addressing a specific issue. It was founded in June 1, 2011 by Daniel Newman and Sean McGinnis with an article by Dan called, “12 Most Interesting Start Ups on the Web.”

On July 13 of this year, the site reached its 1,000th post with the article, “12 Most Stress-Proof Ways for an Introvert to Survive a Party” by contributor Kelly Belmonte.

The site is currently run by editor-in-chief Paul Biedermann and managing partner Peggy Fitzpatrick. Weekly contributors include Brian VickerySusan Silver, Becky Gaylord McDonald, and Doug Rice (yes, that’s me).

The content of the site consists of the following categories and sub-categories:

  • Business: Management and Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Talent and Professional Development, and more…
  • Media: Blogging, Social Media and SEO, Technology and Innovation, and more…
  • Lifestyle: Arts and Entertainment, Parenting and Relationships, Travel and Photography, and more…


Tomorrow will mark my 1 year anniversary as a contributor to 12most.com. Since August 1, 2011, I have written 46 articles for the site. I have grown immensely as a writer, thinker, communicator, and business strategist, and I owe a lot of that to the platform and community The 12 Most has provided me.

In honor of the site and the great opportunity I have received to be a small part of it, here are my 12 Favorite 12 Most Posts that I’ve had the honor of writing in the past year. (To see all my posts, you can visit my 12 Most author page).

  1. 12 Most Annoying Behaviors of Salespeople, published August 2, 2011.
  2. 12 Most Important Rules for Dating Your Customer, published August 25, 2011.
  3. 12 Most Common Misconceptions About Content Marketing, published November 2, 2011.
  4. 12 Most Compelling Reasons to Turn Competitors into Partners, published January 10, 2012.
  5. 12 Most Debilitating Phrases to Use in Business, published January 24, 2012.
  6. 12 Most Self-Serving Reasons to Value Your Front-line Workers, published January 31, 2012.
  7. 12 Most Effective Social Media Automation Tools for Business, published March 27, 2012.
  8. 12 Most Glaring Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog, published April 24, 2012.
  9. 12 Most Magical Leadership Lessons from Disney Animated Movies, published June 12, 2012.
  10. 12 Most Imperative Rules for Meetings, published July 10, 2012.
  11. 12 Most Breathtaking Stories to Tell Your Customers, published July 17, 2012.
  12. 12 Most Unintended Consequences of Defaulting on Your Dreams, published July 31, 2012.

I’ve learned more from reading and writing for 12 Most that I can put into words. I highly recommend putting the blog at the top of your daily reading list. It will fill you mind with knowledge and your conversations with insight.

If you’re a writer, I highly recommend writing a guest post. Need some convincing? Read my “12 Most Rewarding Reasons to be a 12 Most Guest Author” or Bruce Sallan‘s “12 Most Satisfying Reasons I Write for 12most.com.” We’ll make you believers…

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