Do you need dedicated website hosting?

Hosting is a big consideration for anyone looking to build a website and increase the number of visitors. The best hosting option is the one that makes sense to your business. But since there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, you should carefully consider dedicated website hosting.

This brings us to the question, what is dedicated website hosting?

It means that your website has its own server – this offers immense flexibility.

What are the benefits?

Highest level of privacy

When you separate your server from others, your business will automatically have a high level of privacy. If you use the server for confidential data backup, the last thing you want is to compromise your security.

Since a shared server doesn’t allow you to install security software, your site can be at risk if someone opens it. Of course, a dedicated server gives you control of any security breaches.

You can configure the server to suit your needs

A dedicated server gives you control over how you want to set it up and control the system. You can also decide how you use it – applications, data storage, etc.

Predictable high performance

If your website receives a high level of traffic, a dedicated server can be a sure bet. But this is a large investment for your company, so you should first weigh your options. If you’re using a VPS, you can start by moving a few applications to one server. After that, you can decide whether you can move the rest.

You isolate yourself from others

If you use a shared server, other users can experience a surge in traffic. And you know the frustrations of maxing your resources while other businesses are not. If two users take more resources, the site performance can suffer. But with a dedicated server, you can be sure the performance won’t get affected by other users.

Do you need a dedicated server?

The answer lies in the reasons you want to upgrade in the first place. If you’re anticipating growth in the near future or dealing with a rise in business traffic, a dedicated server can be ideal for you. Unlike shared web hosting, you’ll experience enhanced security.

If your staff is already stretched thin, having a dedicated server will ensure your employees are free from work overload. Conversely, you’ll have full control over the resource without going through a hosting service. 

A dedicated server is best for businesses that want to put their resources on a single server. It is also suitable for companies that don’t want other websites to clog the servers or run bad scripts.

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