5 ways to pick domain name

Confused about domain names?

If so, this post can help you. We will help you understand what makes a good domain name. Once you go through the criteria below, it will become easier for you to choose.

What makes a good domain name?

There are essentially 5 things that make a good domain name. We will highlight all 5 below.

1. .Com as TLD:

These days, many domain extensions are becoming popular. However, the web is still associated with .com.

Instead of buying a domain name with any other TLD, it is a good idea to stick to .com.

If you want to buy a local business domain name, you can think about your country’s extension. Otherwise, it is a good idea to stick with .com.

2. Opt for a brandable name:

Domain names represent your business for years together. You cannot change your corporate domain name again and again. You need something easy to recall and easy to associate with.

This is where brandable domain names come into the picture.

There are numerous advantages of a brandable name like:

· Easy to remember

· Lots of options available

· Helps you stand out

· Availability of shorter domain names

Due to all these advantages, you have to go with a brandable name. A brandable name will always provide you with an edge.

3. Avoid numbers and other characters:

Usually, domain names allow you to add hyphens and numbers in between. The problem in doing so is that they become tough to recall.

For example, roofingservices.com is much easier to recall than roofing-services123.com.

While numbers or hyphens in between might seem like a good idea based on readability but the truth is that nobody remembers domain names with numbers and hyphens in between.

Due to the same, the number of returning visitors which you get on your website will be pretty limited.

To avoid this problem and choose a good domain name, you have to avoid numbers and hyphens in the domain name.

4. Ensure it is not a trademark:

If you register a domain name that is a trademark of some corporation or business, they can legally ask you to hand over the domain name. Otherwise, they can sue you.

The best way to avoid all this trouble is to check in advance if it is a trademark name or not.

Instead of going through government records for the same, it easier to use a tool like Knowem. It will let you know if the name is registered on any of the social networks or not. If it is registered on numerous social networks, it likely indicates a business’s trademark or registered name. It is a good idea to avoid such a name altogether.

A non-trademarked domain name is a perfect option to represent your business.

5. Pronounceable:

Word of mouth is still popular and relevant in today’s online world. Due to the same, the domain name which you are registering for your business should be easy to pronounce. Only when that is the case will your customers and potential customers discuss and share your site’s name.

This is where branded names come into the picture as well. Branded names are generally short and easy to pronounce.

Another characteristic of a good domain name is that it should be easy to pronounce.

So, instead of haphazardly choosing a domain name, it is a good idea to look at these 5 criteria to do so. Once you consider these 5 criteria, it will become effortless for you to choose a good domain name.

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